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                FFA STRAWBERRY SALES  
Want Fresh Strawberries in February? You have  the opportunity here!


The following is offered for sale by the David Crockett FFA Chapter:

Fresh Strawberries = 1 Flat (2 gallons) - $24
                              1 gallon - $13

All strawberries are packaged in quart clamshell containers and then boxed together by the gallon or by the flat.


- Fresh Strawberries can be ordered between Thu, Jan 25 and Thu, Feb 8.
- The strawberries will be delivered from Florida to David Crockett High School between Feb 26 - March 2. We will annoince the arrival date a week before (it's dependent upon Florida weather). 
- You can pick up your order on the specific date (11 am - 5 pm) or on the next day
  (8 am to 4 pm). 
- Payment is due before pick-up or when you pick-up.
- Strawberries are perishable! Please pick them up as soon as possible to enjoy freshness.

You may place your order by 1 of 3 ways:
1. Order with a David Crockett High School Agriculture Student;
2. Phone 423-753-1150 with full details: Name, phone, how many flats/how many gallons, pick up date and time;
3. Email arnettr@wcde.org with full details: Name, phone, how many flats/how many gallons, pick up date and time.

- Fresh Strawberries are a major fundraiser for the David Crockett FFA Chapter. Raised funds help pay for travel to FFA events, contests, and conventions, as well as classroom, greenhouse, and school farm supplies. Without your help, the activities on this website would not be possible!
- Our strawberries are FRESH! They are picked the day of delivery from the famous Plant City country in Florida, unlike grocery stores. You cannot find it fresher, unless you traveled to Florida. Plant City is considered "The Strawberry Capital of the World."
- Our prices are very competitive.
- Strawberries are Super-Healthy! Easy to freeze! Make great desserts!


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