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Job Interview

The FFA Job Interview CDE is one of the most beneficial contests to those involved. It is a great way to learn how to communicate effectively and win others over. You will have a lot of fun learning how to interview, complete applications and resumes, and write letters. This contest not only assists in the job/career process but also assists in getting college scholarships. Your learned communication skills will last a lifetime.

The contest has 4 levels: district, regional, state, and national. Top 2 district winners advance to the regional. Top 2 regional winners advance to the state. State winner advances to national.
The district CDE is held in November. The regional CDE is held in late January. The state CDE is held at State FFA Convention in March.

Recent David Crockett FFA Job Interview CDE participants:
2015-16 - Kylee Phalen - 1st Place, District CDE. 3rd Place, Regional CDE. 
2014-15 - Bethany McCurry - 1st place, District CDE. 4th place, Regional CDE.
2013-14 - Chase Partin - 1st place, District CDE.
2012-13 - Raini Rowenhorst - 1st place, District CDE. 3rd place, Regional CDE.
2011-12 - Rebekah Wright - 1st place, District CDE. 3rd place, Regional CDE.


Raini Rowenhorst


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