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The Floriculture CDE is all about Flower Power! And some other things related to the Floral Industry. Contest parts include:
- Team Activity =
team members will perform a floriculture industry-related task that requires teamwork. Examples include: making a floral decorations for an event, demonstrate the use of a horticulture product, filling orders, and designing on location.
- Plant Identification =
of 124 different plant species. 
- General Knowledge Exam = 
of floriculture-related questions. 
- Problem Solving = each problem will describe a situation and list a problem, and then give 4 possible solutions to the problem. All material needed to solve the problem will be provided. 
- Practicums = each member must complete the following individually: a floral arrangement, a job interview, a 1-on-1 product selling or phone product selling, potting of plants, and other floral industry tasks (such as making a dish garden).

The contest has 3 levels: Regional, State, and National. Any FFA Chapter can compete at the Regional level. Top 4 Regional Teams compete at the State level. State-winning team qualifies for the National contest. The Regional and State levels are held in April.

Recent David Crockett FFA Floriculture participation:

2016: 1st Place, Regional. 
Team members: Kenzie Bastian (1st High Individual), Cole Tipton (2nd High Individual), Aisling Hagan (3rd High Individual), and Trloix Cox (5th High Individual). 
2015: 5th place, Regional. Team members: Kenzie Bastian, Molly Sayre. 


David Crockett FFA placed 1st in the Regional CDE, then slayed the State CDE, becoming State Champs! 
The Floriculture CDE is composed of 6 events: general knowledge exam, plant identification of 100+ plant species, problem solving, floral arrangement, job interview, practicums, and team activity. The Team members, who spent hours preparing for the contest, also swept the High Individual scores:
Cole Tipton - 1st High Individual, State. 2nd High Individual,Regional.
Kenzie Bastian -2nd High Individual, State. 1st High Individual, Regional.
Troix Cox - 5th High Individual, State. 5th High Individual, Regional.
Aisling Hagan - 19th High Individual, State. 3rd High Individual, Regional.

The team is preparing for their upcoming National CDE during National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.


David Crockett FFA placed 1st in both Regional CDE's! 
The Nursery/Landscape CDE is composed of 4 events: general knowledge exam, plant identification of 116 plant species, landscape estimating, and team activity. This is the 5th consecutive Regional CDE win for David Crockett FFA. The Nursery/Landcape Team members, who spent hours preparing for the contest, also swept the High Individual scores:
Chloe Ford - 1st High Individual
Kylee Phalen - 2nd High Individual
Josh Bruni - 3rd High Individual
Brett Barnett - 4th High Individual

The Floriculture CDE is composed of 5 events: general knowledge exam, problem solving, plant identification of 124 plant species, floriculture practicum, and team activity. The Floriculture Team, who also spent hours in preparation, also swept the High Individual scores:
Kenzie Bastian - 1st High Individual
Cole Tipton - 2nd High Individual
Aisling Hagan - 3rd High Individual
Troix Cox - 5th High Individual

Both teams are preparing for their upcoming State CDE in Nashville.


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