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Extemporaneous Speaking

If you want to better your public speaking skills, or you wish to speak to others about current issues in agriculture, the Extemporaneous Speaking CDE is for you. Extemporaneous Speaking participants research and study current agricultural issues leading up to the contest. During the contest, they select an issue at random (prepared by the judges), then use their research and study to write a speech in 30 mintues. Then, they give the speech to a panel of judges (4-6 minute speech) and answer questions about the agricultural issue. Extemp speakers learn immense public speaking skills, how to wow the audience, and how to think on their toes. 

The contest has 4 levels: district, regional, state, and national. Top 2 district winners advance to the regional. Top 2 regional winners advance to the state. State winner advances to national.
The district CDE is held in November. The regional CDE is held in late January. The state CDE is held at State FFA Convention in March.


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