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Highlights of 2013-14 Year

 The heart of the National FFA Organization is at the local chapter level. Leadership is provided by officers who are elected each year by the chapter's members.

The David Crockett FFA 2013-2014 Officer Team

Vice Presidents- Cole Tipton and Dustin Foister, Secretary- Abby Anderson, Treasurer- Michaela Crain, Reporter- Molly Sayre, Sentinel- Shianne Milbourn 


Learn More about Rebekah and her fellow State FFA Officer Team by clicking here.

Being elected as a State FFA Officer is 
a high-water mark on the Pinnacle of FFA Success! 
Rebekah was elected to serve as one of the 8 State FFA Officers.
After a grueling 2-day interview and activity process,
Rebekah was elected to serve as one of the 3 State FFA Vice-Presidents.
She is only the 4th David Crockett FFA member to ever be elected as a State FFA Officer, a rare achievement indeed
Rebekah will serve her 1-year appointment traveling the state, attending speaking engagements, visiting FFA chapters, and representing TN FFA in various functions.
Her State FFA Convention Retiring Address, "Mirrors," was a motivation to all who attended!
See the entire session by clicking here
Click here to read more about Rebekah and the State FFA Officer Team and to see their 1st interview.

                              CURRENT 2013-14 DAVID CROCKETT FFA CDE PLACINGS

District LAND JUDGING CDE (Elizabethton) =
1st place - Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, Cody Moore, Zack Young.  READ ABOUT THE TEAM BY CLICKING HERE!
2nd High Individual - Kenzie Bastian.  3rd High Individual - Cody Moore.
Also competing: Anna Chapman, Michaela Crain, Chasity Fowler, Breanna Jones, Tiffany McGee, Gibby Miller.

Regional LAND JUDGING CDE (UT Plant Science Farm, Knoxville) =
9th place - Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, Cody Moore, Zack Young.  
7th High Individual - Zack Young.

District FORESTRY CDE (Jonesborough) =
1st place -
Also competing -
1st High Individual - Breanna Lawson.

5th place, National Gold Emblem Award - Abby Anderson, Chase Partin, Molly Sayre, Cole Tipton. 

District CREED CDE (Carter County) = 
4th Place - Llyli Bacon.

District PREPARED PUBLIC SPEAKING CDE District (Carter County) =
1st Place - Molly Sayre.     

Regional PREPARED PUBLIC SPEAKING CDE (Univ of TN - Knoxville) =
1st Place - Molly Sayre.

State PREPARED PUBLIC SPEAKING CDE (State FFA Convention, Gatlinburg) =
4th Place - Molly Sayre.

District JOB INTERVIEW CDE (Carter County) = 
1st place - Chase Partin.

District CEREMONY CDE (Carter County) =
4th place -  Llyli Bacon, Whitney Burgner, Zack Hamrick, Alyssa Hulse, Breanna Lawson, Sam Shell, Jessica Thompson.

Regional NURSERY AND LANDSCAPE CDE (Knoxville) =
1st Place - Abby Anderson, Jenna Fabozzi, Molly Sayre, Cole Tipton.
Also competing - Michaela Crain, Dustin Foister.
1st High Individual - Cole Tipton.

1st Place, STATE CHAMPIONS! - Abby Anderson, Jenna Fabozzi, Molly Sayre, Cole Tipton.
1st High Individual - Cole Tipton.
2nd High Individual - Jenna Fabozzi.
3rd High Individual - Abby Anderson.
7th High Individual - Molly Sayre.

Regional ENVIROTHON CONTEST (Jonesborough) =
1st Place - Abby Anderson, Kenzie Bastian, Dustin Foister, Molly Sayre, Zach Young.
2nd Place - Michaela Crain, Jenna Fabozzi, Breanna Lawson, Bethany McCurry, Cody Moore.
3rd Place, tied - Llyli Bacon, Brett Barnett, Ashley Basinger, Chasity Fowler, Breanna Jones.

State ENVIROTHON CONTEST (Crossville) =
8th Place - Abby Anderson, Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Molly Sayre, Zach Young.

State FORESTRY CDE (Camp Clements, Doyle) =
2nd ??place - Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Bre Jones, Zach Young.
1st High Individual - Zach Young.

 86th TN STATE FFA CONVENTION! - March 23-26

18 David Crockett FFA members were busy in attendance, with:
Prepared Public Speaking CDE Finals - Molly Sayre- 4th Place, State CDE
TN Agriscience Fair Finals - Cody Moore - 1st Place, STATE WINNER,
Environmental Category
- Dustin Foister, Plant Systems Category
Tennessee FFA Scholarship Recipient - Rebekah Wright
State FFA Degree Recipients - Abby Anderson and Bethany McCurry
State FFA Officer - Rebekah Wright
State FFA Officer Nominating Committee - Abby Anderson
7 Action-packed Sessions - all members

  David Crockett FFA is the 2014 State FFA Nursery and Landscape CDE Champions!

After winning the Regional FFA Nursery and Landscape CDE, the team qualified to compete in the state contest at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville. They will now represent Tennessee in the national contest.

 Team members are:

- Abby Anderson, Junior - 3rd high individual

- Jenna Fabozzi, Junior - 2nd high individual

- Molly Sayre, Sophomore - 7th high individual

- Cole Tipton, Sophomore - 1st high individual

Out of 1800 possible points, David Crockett FFA totaled 1307 points (73%), 163 points better than 2nd place Gallatin.

The contest is composed of 5 individual events and 1 team event: a general knowledge exam, identification of 116 plant species, landscape estimating, a written assistance exercise, and a nursery production exercise. The team activity involved a landscape drawing and presentation of the drawing to a panel. The written exercise included a hand-written business letter. The overall contest is quite extensive, pulling skills from mathematics in landscape estimation, English in written assistance, and biology in the general knowledge exam.

It's a tremendous accomplishment to win a state FFA contest. The team spent several hours preparing and training for the contest with practices, study, and hard work; they definitely earned the title of state champs. With over 13,000 FFA members in TN, there are plenty of people who go 'all out' to win.

This is the 4th year in a row that David Crockett FFA has had a State FFA Championship CDE Team, and the 2nd State Nursery and Landscape CDE win in 3 years. It's rare to win a State FFA contest; Abby, Molly, and Cole just accomplished something even more rare, which so few have ever done -- they won 2 state FFA contests.

Now comes the reward -- the opportunity to compete against the other 49 states in the National FFA Nursery and Landscape CDE during the National FFA Convention in Louisville in October. They will spend 2 days with state-winning nursery teams from Alaska to Florida. Before then, they will spend countless hours preparing.

David Crockett High School’s Envirothon Teams sweep the
2014 Regional Envirothon Contest!

The school’s three different teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Fifteen teams from Johnson, Carter, Washington, Unicoi, Sullivan, and Greene Counties competed. Up to three teams from each school can compete. The winning team qualifies to participate in the State Envirothon in May when they will compete against the other regional winning teams.  

The Envirothon is an environmental competition in which students demonstrate their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management. Five-member teams exercise their training and problem-solving skills centered on five categories (Soils/land use, Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, and a current environmental issue). 

The 1st place team members are Abby Anderson, Kenzie Bastian, Dustin Foister, Molly Sayre, and Zach Young.

The 2nd place team members are Michaela Crain, Jenna Fabozzi, Breanna Lawson, Bethany McCurry, and Cody Moore.

The 3rd place team members are Llyli Bacon, Brett Barnett, Ashley Basinger, Chasity Fowler, and Breanna Jones.

 David Crockett FFA places 1st in the 2014 Regional Nursery and Landscape CDE!

Another Winner!Team members are Cole Tipton (1st High Individual), Abby Anderson (2nd High Individual), Molly Sayre (4th High Individual), and Jenna Fabozzi (6th High Individual). The contest was held in Knoxville on Saturday, April 5. The team prepared and trained for the contest with several practices, independent study, and hard work. The contest consisted of a general knowledge exam, identification of 116 plant species, identification of equipment and disorders, a landscape estimation, and a team activity.
The State CDE will be held at TN Tech University in Cookeville on Saturday, April 26.

 Congratulations to Molly Sayre!
1st Place - Regional Prepared Speaking CDE!
She placed first among 14 competitors who qualified for the Regional contest by placing in the top 2 in their respective District CDE's.
In the Prepared Public Speaking CDE, members write and present a 6-8 minute speech on a specific and current agriculture topic. Judges then have 5 minutes to ask questions pertaining to the speech. Molly's speech focuses on agricultural development teams in Afghanistan.
This is the 2nd consecutive year win for a David Crockett FFA member. Molly, a sophomore, will compete in the State CDE during the State FFA Convention against 5 other qualifiers.

5th in the Nation!!!

Abby Anderson, Chase Partin, Molly Sayre, and Cole Tipton
of the David Crockett FFA Chapter represented Tennessee in the
2013 National Forestry CDE, placing 5th in the National Contest,
winning a Gold Emblem Award.
Click to read more!

13 David Crockett FFA Members attended the 86th National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY.
The members attended energetic Sessions, were active in Leadership Workshops,
and took part of the huge Expo! Read their stories here.

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989 boxes sold!

Team members are Kenzie Bastian, Aaron McKinney, Cody Moore, and Zach Young.
Breanna Lawson is 1st High Individual.

- The competition consisted of tree identification, tree measurement, equipment identification, disorders identification, and
   a general knowledge exam.
- The District CDE (Career Development Event) involved 8 schools from the Watauga FFA District. The State Forestry
  CDE will be held in May.
- Also competing in the CDE were:
  TEAM ABBY: Haley Bishop, Dustin Foister, Breanna Lawson, and Bethany McCurry;
  TEAM CHASE: Michaela Crain, Breanna Jones, and Andy Register; 
  TEAM COLE: Anna Chapman, Tiffany McGee, and Paty Morales.

Team members are Kenzie Bastian (2nd High Individual), Jenna Fabozzi,
Cody Moore (3rd High Individual), and Zach Young.

- The competition consisted of determining soil characteristics and the interpretation of the characteristics for home and 
  crop suitability. Members were required to analyze four land sites by using critical thinking skills, water calculations, slope
  percentage, and other soil aspects.
- The District CDE (Career Development Event) involved 9 schools from Upper East Tennessee. The team will compete in
  the Regional CDE in October.
- Also competing in the CDE were Anna Chapman, Michaela Crain, Chasity Fowler, Breanna Jones, Tiffany McGee, and
  Gibson Miller.


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