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2014-15 Highlights
 The heart of the National FFA Organization is at the local chapter level. Leadership is provided by officers who are elected each year by the chapter's members.

The David Crockett FFA 2014-2015 Officer Team

President- Abby Anderson, Vice-President- Molly Sayre, Secretary- Kenzie Bastian, Treasurer- Cole Tipton, Reporter- Jenna Fabozzi, Sentinel- Breanna Jones 

Congratulations to Abby Anderson, serving as a 2014-2015 East TN Regional FFA Officer!

Congratulations to Molly Sayre and Cole Tipton, serving as 2015-16 East TN Regional FFA Officers!


District Land Judging CDE (@ Johnson County):
2nd Place - Kenzie Bastian, Chasity Fowler, Bethany McCurry, Samantha Shell.
1st High Individual - Kenzie Bastian. 
Also competing - Brett Barnett, Lauren Hill, Bria Malone, Paula Malone, Tiffany McGee, Kylee Phalen.

Regional Land Judging CDE (@ Knoxville):
7th place - Kenzie Bastian, Chasity Fowler, Bethany McCurry, Samantha Shell.
7th High Individual - Chasity Fowler. 12th High Individual - Kenzie Bastian.
Also competing - Brett Barnett, Bria Malone, Paula Malone, Kylee Phalen. 

District Forestry Judging CDE (@ Carter County):
1st place - Haley Bishop, Chloe Ford, Aaron McKinney, Kylee Phalen.
1st High Individual - Kenzie Bastian.
Also competing - Brett Barnett, Breanna Jones, Bria Malone, Paula Malone, Bethany McCurry, Tiffany McGee. 

National Nursery Landscape CDE (@ Louisville, KY):
12th place, Gold Emblem - Abby Anderson, Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, Molly Sayre.
Individual Gold Emblem - Abby Anderson, Kenzie Bastian. Individual Silver Emblem - Jenna Fabozzi, Molly Sayre. 

District Creed CDE (@ Gray, TN):
1st place - Kylee Phalen.

Regional Creed CDE (@UT-Knoxville):
2nd place - Kylee Phalen.

State Creed CDE (@ State FFA Convention, Gatlinburg):
3rd place - Kylee Phalen.

District Job Interview CDE (@Gray, TN):
1st place - Bethany McCurry.

Regional Job Interview CDE (@UT-Knoxville):
4th place - Bethany McCurry.

District Prepared Public Speaking CDE (@Gray, TN):
1st place - Molly Sayre.

Regional Prepared Public Speaking CDE (@UT-Knoxville):
2nd place - Molly Sayre.

State Prepared Public Speaking CDE (@ State FFA Convention, Gatlinburg):
3rd place - Molly Sayre.

Regional Star Greenhand Selection (@ UT-Knoxville):
1st place - Kylee Phalen.

State Star Greenhand Selection (@ State FFA Convention, Gatlinburg):
2nd place - Kylee Phalen.

Regional Nursery/Landscape CDE (@ Union Co HS, Knoxville):
1st place - Chloe Ford, Chasity Fowler, Breanna Jones, Kylee Phalen.
1st High Individual - Chloe Ford.

State Nursery/Landscape CDE (@ TN State Univ, Nashville):
2nd place - Chloe Ford, Chasity Fowler (3rd High Individual), Breanna Jones, Kylee Phalen.

Regional Floriculture CDE (@ Union Co HS, Knoxville):
5th place - Kenzie Bastian, Molly Sayre.

Regional Envirothon (@ Elizabethton, TN):
1st place - Abby Anderson, Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, Cole Tipton.
4th Place - Chasity Fowler, Bria Malone, Paula Malone, Kylee Phalen, Molly Sayre.

State Envirothon (@ Crossville, TN):

4th place - Abby Anderson, Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, Cole Tipton.

State Forestry CDE (@ Camp Clements, TN):
1st place - STATE CHAMPS! Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Chloe Ford, Kylee Phalen.
2nd High Individual - Kenzie Bastian. 3rd High Individual - Kylee Phalen. 6th High Individual - Chloe Ford.

 Kylee Phalen is the winner of the Regional Star Greenhand Contest!
The contest, held at UT-Knoxville, judges the best overall Freshman FFA member from his/her respective region. The contest consisted of an extensive application, FFA knowledge exam, and personal interview.
As a result, Kylee qualified for the State Star Greenhand Contest, competing against the winners of the Middle TN and West TN contests.
Kylee Phalen is the State Runner-up of the State Star Greenhand Contest! 

David Crockett Envirothon Team wins the 2015 Regional Envirothon!
Places 4th in the State Envirothon!

Teams from the Upper East TN Region competed in the 2015 Envirothon, with David Crockett FFA placing 1st. Team members are Abby Anderson, Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, and Cole Tipton. 

The team qualified for the State Envirothon in May where they competed against the other regional winning teams. The team placed 4th in the State Envirothon, held in Crossville. 100+ teams and 500+ students competed at the Regional level across the state. Only the 10 Regional-winning teams qualify for the state contest. 4th in the State is amazing!

The Envirothon is an environmental competition in which students demonstrate their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management. Five-member teams exercise their training and problem-solving skills centered on 5 categories - Soils/land use, Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, and a current environmental issue (Urban Forestry).

David Crockett's other Regional Envirothon team placed 4th. Team members are Chasity Fowler, Bria Malone, Paula Malone, Kylee Phalen, and Molly Sayre.

  CONGRATS to our FFA State Speaking CDE Members! 
- Kylee Phalen - 3rd Place, State Creed CDE 
- Kylee Phalen - State Runner-Up, State Star Greenhand! 
   That's an Amazing Accomplishment!
- Molly Sayre - 3rd Place, State Prepared Speaking CDE!
   2nd year in a Row competing at the State level - another Amazing Accomplishment!!

Read more about each CDE under the CDE's (Career Development Events) tab on the menu bar.

 One BIG FFA Day! 

The David Crockett FFA Chapter had a successful day at the East TN FFA Regional Speaking CDE's on Sat, March 7:

Molly Sayre placed 2nd in the Prepared Speaking CDE (out of 11). She is 1 of 6 in the state to qualify for the State CDE.

Kylee Phalen placed 2nd in the Creed CDE (out of 12). She is also 1 of 6 in the state to qualify for the State CDE.

Bethany McCurry 
placed 4th in the Job Interview CDE (out of 13).

Also, the East TN Star Greenhand Contest was held. Kylee Phalen is the winner! 
The Star Greenhand Contest recognizes the best overall freshman FFA member and includes an extensive application, general knowledge test, and interview. 
Kylee will now compete against the winners of Middle and West TN in the State Star Greenhand Contest.

Also, the East TN Regional Officer Selection was held. 
The selection process includes an application, general knowledge exam, personal interview, & group interview.
Molly Sayre was elected as Vice-President, and Cole Tipton was elected as Treasurer. 
They will serve East TN in many capacities in the 2015-16 school year.
- David Crockett FFA is the only chapter with 2 members serving on the 6-member team. 

 David Crockett FFA is Runner-up in the State Forestry CDE!
Team members are Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Bre Jones, and Zach Young. Placing 2nd in an FFA State contest is a proud achievement. The highly competitive contest requires lots of study and practice. 

The long 2-day contest is comprised of 8 individual events (General Knowledge Exam, Tree Identification, Equipment Identification, Disorders Identification, Compass and Pacing Practicum, Mapping Interpretation, Chainsaw Identification, and Tree Measurement) and 2 team events (General Knowledge Activity and Tree ID/Measurement Activity).

These 4 teammates not only learned the subject matter, but also teamwork, work ethic, and study skills. An incredible amount of hard work and energy went into this contest from the members. They practiced and studied in preparation for the event. They also had lots of fun preparing for and traveling to the contest.

Also a special congratulations goes to Zach Young, who placed 1st High Individual in the contest.

 State-winning Nursery/Landscape Team:


Abby Anderson, Kenzie Bastian, Jenna Fabozzi, and Molly Sayre of the David Crockett FFA Chapter represented Tennessee in the 2014 National FFA Nursery/Landscape CDE during the National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY on Oct 29-30, 2014.

The team placed 12th in the National Contest out of 40 states. They received a Gold Emblem award, which is awarded to the top tier teams. Out of 25 National Contests held at the convention, only 3 Tennessee teams won Gold. An 12th place finish in the Nation is a remarkable feat! Abby Anderson and Kenzie Bastian won Individual Gold Emblems for their performances (only 8 Tennesseans won Individual Gold out of 25 National Contests).

The contest consisted of plant identification of 116 plants, landscape estimating, general knowledge exam, propagation, a written exercise, a verbal exercise, a team presentation, and a team skills challenge. The contest was completed during a mentally and physically grilling 2 days as they competed against teams from California to Florida. As always, they represented the state well in courtesy, attitude, and character. They have gained upmost respect from fellow chapter members as well as other members from across the state and nation.

This marks the 4th State-winning FFA CDE Team in a row for David Crockett FFA and 5th in the last 8 years, with all 5 teams winning Gold Emblem awards. 

 13 David Crockett FFAers represent at National FFA Convention! 

Oct 28-Nov 1 @ Louisville KY - Click here to learn more!


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