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Cole Tipton's State Convention
Posted By: Molly Sayre   4/21/2015
"This year's State Convention was a great experience for me with all kinds of different activities. While I got to enjoy some of the fun presented to most members, such as sessions, I also got to see behind the scenes. I spent approximately nine hours videoing competitions with the FFA Courtesy Corps. This was an interesting experience since I not only saw but was also one of the members who helped form the inner workings of State Convention. I also got to end the Convention on an amazing high note by walking across stage to receive the FFA State Degree."
Breanna Jones' State Convention
Posted By: Molly Sayre   4/14/2015
"I thoroughly enjoyed State Convention. The keynote speakers were way better and we had a lot more time to spend quality time with my chapter. Victoria Utsman's retiring address brought me to tears. She was so enticing and made her retiring address very personal and meaningful. I love State Convention its by far my favorite thing we attend as an FFA chapter."
Jessica Constable's State Convention
Posted By: Molly Sayre   4/14/2015
"I really enjoyed State Convention. It was a great experience for me and I learned so much about FFA and what it stands for. Having just joined this year, I didn't know a lot about it. I thought that this was a great way to break me into the organization. There wasn't anything that I really hated. The only thing that I didn't enjoy as much was the passing out of awards. While it was interesting to see what chapters won what, but it just seemed like it took too long.
I'm really disappointed in myself that I didn't join FFA earlier. It's a great group to get into and I wish that I would've taken advantage of it earlier. I'm glad that I got the experience, however long or short my time was in it."
State Convention 2015
Posted By: Molly Sayre   4/6/2015
State Convention always has been and always will be may favorite trip of the year and even though this was my third Tennessee State FFA Convention I always learn something new and when I come home from our four day stay in Gatlinburg I'm always extremely motivated, inseparable from my chapter and ecstatic about the busy months to come. This year was special to me for many reasons, not only did I want to make this the most awesome state convention the David Crockett chapter had ever seen but I also had the honor of competing in the Prepared Speaking CDE and placed third which is quite an accomplishment for me. Also, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed every speaker I saw and the time I spent with the fellow members of Tennessee FFA.
Updates and Things
Posted By: Abby Anderson   2/23/2015
Hello David Crockett FFA chapter!
So far, this year has been a success! We have all of you to thank for participating and keeping up to date with events.
Starting with FFA Week, there are tons of competitions and activities coming up that we would love for you all to get involved in.
FFA Week kicked off today with wear an FFA shirt to school day. Tomorrow, a few representatives from the chapter will head to The University of Tennessee at Knoxville to participate in the State Officer Goodwill Tour. (a preview of state convention) Wednesday, is appreciation day. We definitely don't take enough time out of our lives to appreciate those who have aided us in our success, so take this day to show your appreciation for those amazing people! Thursday, we will be having a social!! There will be pizza and fun! Bring your friends to that! Lastly, Friday, we will be participating in a community service project which if you would like to attend, contact us for more info!
Competitions such as Nursery and Landscaping and Floriculture are fast approaching, so be sure to ask about those to get information!
Thank you guys for an amazing year so far and keep up with us we will be dropping some new events out soon!!

What I Gained From National Convention
Posted By: Kenzie Bastian   11/20/2014
This years National Convention was a totally new experience for me. Along with spending time with my fellow chapter members, I got to participate in a life changing experience. I competed in the National Nursery and Landscaping competition. The competition was a completely knew experience for me and was a chance for me to get out of my comfort zone. It was a way to challenge myself and push my self to the limit that I never knew I had. This competition gave me the chance to actually test abilities that I never knew about, and actually believe more in myself. Honestly, I am the type of person to have everything perfect so this competition made me realize that you shouldn't stress about everything and just enjoy the experience to the fullest because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I really got closer to my fellow chapter members and got closer to my teammates also. I got to meet amazing people all over the country that have worked as hard as I have to be there, and got to meet the wonderful people who helped make it happen. I am so grateful for everyone who helped me up to the competition because I was an emotional mess. I finally realized that this is something that I can take as a life lesson or stress and worry about it for a long time. This National Convention made me fall in love with FFA all over again. It made me think of how much we actually make an impact in this world and how much it helps us grow as people. This National Convention will forever be in my memory for the rest of my life!
What I Gained From National Convention
Posted By: Paula Malone   11/4/2014
What I gained from National Convention was that friendship is very important. I went up there not really talking to the people that went up there with me, and I came back talking to everyone that I went up there with. I bonded with everyone and I consider everyone that went with me to Louisville, Kentucky is a friend to me now. I also gained a lot of new experiences from the trip.
For the first time in my life I met a very inspirational and daring person and he had no limbs.His name was Nick. He came on stage at the convention and acted like he was scared of anything. But on into his speech he told us that he was scared of things. Nick is a very tough person (he's a lot tougher then I could ever be). He talked about his family and how he loved them very very much. He just about made me cry because he said that he was afraid that he was never going to be able to hug his son, but Nick said that one day his son surprised him by giving him a hug.
Nick was a very inspiring person. I've gained a lot from this trip. I am very thankful for being able to go on this trip. I love all the new experiences and friends that I have from this trip. I have become closer to a lot of people, and I hope that I stay close to them for a really long time!!!!
You Know You're in FFA When...
Posted By: Ryan Arnett   10/8/2014
You can have perfect attendance with straight A's and still miss 15 days for FFA stuff.

The highlights of your year are State and National Convention. 

You identify all of the trees in your yard, your neighbor's yard, and driving down the road. 

Your parents think FFA is awesome and is the only reason you are who you are.

You sleep on the van more than in your bed.

The inside of your backpack smells like the ag department.

You get bored, so you call your advisor or chapter officers to see what you should do next.

You already know 75%-100% of all the people running for state office from contests.

You can say you have more friends from other schools than there are people in your school. 

A fellow officer points out to you that your writing looks a lot like your advisor’s. 

You think a chapter meeting is better than a family get together.

You and your friends turn and look when someone who doesn’t take ag walks into the ag room and says, "what are they doing?" 

You only get five hours at work because of three days of competitions.

An aunt sees you, and even though you rarely see her, she knows all about you from being in the paper for FFA.

You stay and practice after school and between work instead of socializing.

Someone hollers, "hey you in the blue jacket," and 50,000 people turn around.

You correct people at a church business meeting of incorrect parliamentary procedures. 

Your advisor tries to set you up with guys you don't know. 

Your chemistry teacher loves you because you manage to miss class time and still pull an "A".  

You are having dinner at a restaurant in an FFA shirt and an elderly man behind you walks up to you and begins talking about when he was in FFA.

Your mom calls your advisor to find out where you are.

The darkest time of your life is when you lose at a speaking competition! 

You spend literally 1/2 your school day in the ag room, an hour after every school day, 1/2 of your summer, and on some snow days. 

You study for a history test and the way you remember when stuff happen is to relate it to something that happened in FFA that year.

The teacher gets done lecturing and you’re done with your homework in one class, and you don't even have to ask to go to the ag room, he automatically points to the door and tells you to get out.

You have to write a paper on someone or something that has changed your life and the first thing that pops into your mind is FFA related people and activities.

Your non-FFA friends just roll their eyes when you start speaking "jibberish" - SAE, CDE, NomCom, etc.

You look forward to sliding down the hallways in your panty hose after a session or competition. 

You’d rather sit and talk to your animals about problems rather than people.

You interview for a job, and the employer tells you that your interview is the best that he has ever seen.

You miss your own birthday activities for an FFA event.  

The first time you have ever had a certain sub for ag, and he mistakes you for being the ag student teacher.

You can remember opening and closing ceremonies in your sleep, and you know the advisor’s part better than the advisor.

Everyone complains about your ag teachers driving ability, and you must be used to it because it doesn't really seem that bad anymore. 

You LIVE for CDE's! 
What I gained from Leadership Camp 2014
Posted By: Ashley Basinger   7/15/2014
    I gained being closer and getting to know other members better. I gained learning about working with my team. I learned how become a leader and what a leader should be. In conclusion, I learned leadership skills and gained friends!!!!!!
What I gained from Leadership Camp 2014
Posted By: Skyla Sheets   7/15/2014
    I gained better leadership abilities and a closer relationship with my FFA chapter. Also,
I gained a lot of confidence in myself, and I am to stand and talk in front of people easier. I'm nas afraid to be myself and act goofy around the girls in my chapter.
What I gained from Leadership Camp 2014
Posted By: Nicole Curry   7/15/2014
    What I gained from camp was friends and teamwork skills. I got to know everyone a whole lot better and trust them even more!
Leadership Camp 2014
Posted By: Kenzie Bastian   7/11/2014
    This year's camp I gained the deepening of friendships with my chapter and experience of learning to work with a team better. On the first day we did a team workshop which was frustrating and took awhile to finish each stage of the obstacle. From that we looked back upon on what we did wrong and decided to improve these mishaps. The second day was a more challenging course, but in the end we worked together smoother and more effieciently. During the beginning of camp I was already friends with the majority of the people, and I thought I was very close to them. I was wrong. I became even more close with my chapter members, and we built trust among us all. Camp is always an amazing experience, and you get to have fun. Also, to bulid yourself up as a person with friends surrounding you.
State Forestry
Posted By: Kenzie Bastian   6/5/2014
Last  week I competed in the state forestry competition. It was over a two day period that tests your skills and knowledge of the forest individually and as a team. We didn't get first place, but I ended up getting something better.  It was one of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had while being in FFA. During the time we were there it really made me think differently on myself even though it was just a competition it meant more to me. I got closer with my fellow chapter members and genuinely had a great time. On our way home from the competition I was bummed out a little for not winning but then realized that I have become a part of a family, that some people would never experience in their lifetimes. I will never regret doing this competition because it was one of those moments in life when you realize how great life is and how much you appreciate the people that make these moments memorable. This competition is truly a great way to have fun, challenge yourself, and experiment in career options you could have later on in life. It was a great experience, and I would recommend this competition to anyone!
-Also, Brett is right we are going to kill it next year!!!
State Forestry
Posted By: Brett Barnett   6/2/2014

State Forestry was an exciting competition that tested our individual knowledge and our ability to work and commit as part of a team. Two days were comprised of identifying leaves, pacing with compasses, measuring logs, reading maps, and working together to overcome a series of different tasks. After three grueling hours of work, we sat down to our last meal before the placement of the top three chapters was announced. We didn't come in first place, although we were really close, following just  behind in second. It was a slight downer for me, but there's always room for improvement and we're sure to kill it next year. 

The part I enjoyed most about the trip was, surprisingly, the rides there and back. I spent my time laughing and further getting to know my fellow FFA members. Honestly, I didn't expect to have such a good time. 

Coming into a new FFA year
Posted By: Cole Tipton   1/26/2014
The whole month of January has almost gone by. It's crazy to me how fast time has flown by in this year of high school. Right now though, I'm setting my sights on the future. I can't wait till the next wave of CDE's come through. Personally I want a state nursery team to go to nationals again this year. So I hope all you other FFA members are setting up some high goals for your second semester. To those of you who aren't in FFA. It's never too late to join. 
What I gained from National Convention
Posted By: Breanna Jones   11/11/2013
I gained that failure is the beginning to success. Also that many people are a part of FFA and proud. Josh Sundquist was my favorite. Even though he wasn't perfect, he was very happy with himself. He was comfortable with being who he was. Josh Sundquist made all of us think about if we fall down it doesn't matter just as long as we get back up. Rick Pitino taught me that when speaking to someone, make a connection. You can talk a lot of talk, but in the end it doesn't matter. In one of his stories, he said he missed his flight and had to drive home because he spent to long  talking and connecting with the family, but the next day they had made plans to visit the school. Which shows that people would rather choose someone that actually talks to you and answers your questions rather than someone who "brags" about all the good stuff they have.  I really liked National Convention. It taught me a lot and I'm glad I went.

What I gained from National Convention
Posted By: Chasity fowler   11/11/2013
I really liked the two speakers we listened to. They both knew how to hold our attention and get through to us without putting us to sleep. I learned some stuff too, I learned that I need to make better relationships with people no matter how long it takes. I need to ask and answer questions, but to also take the time and not rush all of it either. Also I learned that life really is tough and that when I get knocked down I learned to get back up quickly and go on. I loved National Convention and hope I get to go back.
What I Gained from National Convention
Posted By: Dustin Foister   11/8/2013
I learned that to get anywhere with people, you have to build a relationship, it's not about how hard you fall, it's about how fast you get up. I also gained friends and friendships that I didn't have before.
What I Gained from National Convention
Posted By: Jenna Fabozzi   11/7/2013
You have to build relationships with people if you want to get anywhere in life. You have to learn to listen to people in order for them to respect and admire you. And when you fall down, it isn't about how you fall, but how fast you get back up. I also gained really close relationships with everyone who went. Nobody left anybody out and I felt like I belonged there. I made some really great friends at Nat Con.
What I Gained from National Convention
Posted By: michaela crain   11/7/2013
I gained that even though you might be at rock bottom and might want to give up because you feel you may never reach your goal, but if you keep trying and getting back up as fast as you can, you will achieve something. It might not be what you want at first, but you will achieve something and reach better things along the way. So don't lay on the ground and stay there. You have to pick yourself back up as quickly as possible.
What I Gained from National Convention
Posted By: Cody Moore   11/7/2013
Failure is fertilizer. It's not about falling down, it's about how fast you get back up.
The Highs and Lows of Leadership
Posted By: Abby Anderson   8/3/2013
Today, the David Crockett FFA officer team (minus Shianne, we missed you!!) participated in the Bays Mountain Ropes Course. Before we even put the equipment on, Mike was telling us about leadership and he said something that I thought was a complete eye opener. He said, "... Don't leave anyone behind. If you team member is stuck on a part, help them. Before you can move on, everyone must all be together." That is something that is important in an officer team. We need to all pitch in and not move on without each other. After he told us a little about team building, we put on the safety equipment and headed to the course. I was automatically stricken with fear... I hate heights. We climbed a rope ladder and we stood on this billion foot tall platform. (at least, that's what it felt like) The first part, we had to pretty much tightrope walk across these very small in diameter cables. As soon as I stepped off of that platform, I immediately froze. I felt my hands and legs shaking and I had so much of a death grip on my safety rope, I still, at this moment, have red hands. Everyone was cheering me on and talking me through it. I noticed Chase helping Michaela keep her mind off things, and everyone was super supportive of everyone. Eventually, after inching my way slowly across the cable and not once letting go of that safety rope, I reached the other side. Then came the hardest part yet. We had two ropes on a pulley system and all of us had to hold on to a part of the rope and go at the same time across. I was in the middle of Dustin and Michaela and we had all decided to put one foot on one cable and one one the other beside it. That worked fine until the cables got loser at the end and further apart and we were all pretty much doing splits in mid air. We had to get a strategy on making sure we all stayed together and even. We had to be sure we stayed close, yet we had to make sure we weren't trampling the person in front of us. As an officer team, we all have to work together to achieve a common goal and be sure we're all together, and sure that we don't trample each other, metaphorically speaking. Next we climbed to the lower part of the course, which was so much more focused on team building, whereas the higher course was more strength. The next part had a series of platforms. The rules were: You had to touch every platform and you cannot go until everyone has caught up. For example, Chase went first. He stepped out onto the first platform and he had to wait until Dustin stepped on. Then, he could go to the next and Dustin had to wait for me to step on, then he could go. Then, I had to wait for Michaela, then I could go and so on. That one was actually pretty simple. As an officer team, we need to use communication or things are a wreck. On that part, if we were silent, we would have left people behind or gone when someone else need to go first. The next part, was the best for team building. the cables crossed at the middle forming a huge X. A little ways above our X cables was white ropes that formed an X. We all had to enter on at the same time, and when we reached the place it intersected, we had to step over a series of ropes twice. That part was hard because for a few seconds, you are on the outside of the white rope and there is a 99.98% chance you'll fall if someone touches the rope wrongly. Chase went over first and supported the middle of the X so it would be easier for Dustin, we all ended up doing that. Once you are on the other side of the X, and on the way over to the platform, you have to be careful not to lean on the white rope because if you do, the people who haven't crossed the intersected part yet will most likely fall. In an officer team, it is important to think through things completely before you do them, to be sure they will work. It is also important to know how much your actions affect others. Overall, this activity was definitely helpful in teaching me quite a few important things about how to conduct myself in a team. I never really knew how much being an officer of our school's FFA and doing a ropes course tied into each other. During this course, I realized how I need to work on my team working skills because I don't really think about how my actions will affect others. I also never think about how much we all depend on each other, and how if one person doesn't pull their load, it's ten times more work on other people to get it done for them on top of getting their responsibilities taken care of. I definitely think it was worth doing and I learned a lot.
Community Service(:
Posted By: Shianne Milbourn   7/28/2013
Hey ya'll! We are going to start doing a bunch more community service this year. Not only because we need them in order to graduate, but for the awesome feeling you get after you done something good for the community. I was thinking of visiting the nursing home, animal shelter, Jonesborough Gardens, Elementary schools, the Good Samaritan, and a BUNCH more!! Let me know what you guys think and also if you have any other brillant ideas! Can't wait for this year, it's going to be excellent. Thank you a bunch and love you guys.
Upcoming Year!!
Posted By: Molly Sayre   7/27/2013
The officer team has come together and has planned for the upcoming year. We are ready for another year of serving our community and improving more lives of those around us. We are especially excited for our new comers, trips, fundraisers, competitions and everything else that comes our way. Schedules and links will be posted very soon. For questions or comments, message us on our Facebook page!
Survive and Advance
Posted By: Abby Anderson   6/21/2013
    This week, David Crockett FFA went to leadership camp at a lodge in Sevierville. On the way there we stopped at the University of Tennessee. There, we were given a workshop by Dr. Riley, a professor at the school. He spoke about creative thinking and critical thinking. I found I am more of a creative thinker. We also talked about how it is good to have both types of thinkers because creative thinkers come up with the idea, and critical thinkers decide whether it is reasonable or not and talk about how it is supposed to get done. Something that he said that stuck to me was: "We let what we grow up being taught effects our decision making." After that, we toured the biotechnical part of the school with Mr. Yates, and I thought the coolest thing was the growth chambers that held a lot of switch grass, which is a great for making ethanol and super cheap. After UT, we headed on to the lodge and we had a little free time. When night time rolled around and we watched Survive and Advance, a motivational movie about the 1983 NC State underdog team and Coach Jim Valvano. This movie was absolutely amazing. The best thing I got out of it was how with a little assurance that someone believes in you and assurance that you believe in yourself, you can make it anywhere. Something I like that Valvano said in the movie was, "The greatest gift anyone can get is an "I believe in you." While we were discussing, Mr. Arnett said something that stuck with me, "Whatever you do, good or bad, it can never be taken from you." The next day, Mr. Dossett, the East Tennessee regional advisor came and gave us a work shop. First, he asked us to write down some different goals and he said: "if you don't write your goals down or make them, you don't have any drive to achieve them. Then, he split us into two teams and gave us the instructions to build a tower and see how tall we could get it. The supplies he gave each team were uneven, and we definitely needed each others' supplies, but we were way too focused on beating each other to realize, he never said we couldn't combine the effort to build one huge tower. This really brought to my attention the fact that communication between other chapters is crucial. We would not only build relationships with new people, we would also combine our efforts t make everything we do ten times more amazing. After Mr. Dossett gave his workshop, Dustin, Michaela, and I gave our own workshop on team work. The point we were trying to get across was: not only is communication with other chapters important, so is communication within the chapter. A good example is how one of our officers, Shianne, had to go to Indiana for the summer. We lost contact with her, and with that, she felt like an outsider. If there was a little more effort on communication there, that wouldn't have happened. Another thing the movie said made me realize again how crucial communication is: "The next occasion we see each other on shouldn't be a funeral." When the movie was over and we headed to our rooms, I went through my phone and memorized a list of people I had lost contact with because I need to build relationships, not tear them down by lack of communication. The next workshop was lead by Cole and Chase it was about the five Ps of leadership: Passion, Poise, Participation, Perimeters, Process, and Produce. Overall the most important thing I got out of their workshop was about how Participation is a wonderful thing as long as we know each others' Perimeters and don't cross them. Another thing I learned from them was about Passion. The questioned they asked along with that was why were we still in FFA? I had never really thought about it up to this point, and thinking about it, I am still in FFA because of every aspect. Usually I would say I am in FFA because of leadership and not so much the agriculture, but more and more recently I have been more interested in agriculture. I really want to be involved in agriculture because it is something the world couldn't live without. It is amazing that these people can actually say: "I feed America." So why am I still in FFA? Everything is my answer. Everything about FFA is beneficial and amazing and influential. The next few days after that we spent quality time together, had friendly competition, and best of all got to really know each other. I can honestly say that I left Walden lodge knowing everyone so much better and becoming closer and closer as a huge family. On Friday, the day after the trip, we visited WINGS air rescue and the carter county jail. The WINGS air rescue tour was so interesting and it definitely showed how different types of leadership styles can come together and work amazingly. I was great to have a fraction of a feeling of what they go through in their daily lives and feeling the presence of knowing they make an amazing impact. At the Carter County Jail, we did a tour of the building and talked to many people who described the day by day processes of an average day at work. Seeing all those men and women in jail and seeing how their lives are now that they are in jail makes you really appreciate the freedoms that you have, and at the same time, it makes you appreciate the officers who risk their lives daily to keep us safe. I loved how one guy said he when he was a kid he hated to see people get bullied and that led to his career choice. When inside the jail, I felt like I would be absolutely content working there because even if the people don't realize it when them or their loved ones are getting arrested, the police are doing them a favor and possibly saving their lives. All together this series of leadership training I have had this past week has definitely impacted my life in so many ways, and I can't wait to put them to use,
-Abby Anderson
National Convention 2012
Posted By: Bethany McCurry   10/30/2012

This was my very first time visiting Indianapolis and it was life changing.  When you just talk about
it, it is a lot different than actually experiencing it in reality.  I got to know people on a whole other
level, and made a ton of new friends.  We talked to other chapters and got to know their opinions on
the FFA and told them ours!  I also learned that you cannot just learn something but you have actually
got to apply it to your life so that all that knowledge doesn’t just go to waste!! The End <3

National Convention 2012
Posted By: Abigail Anderson   10/30/2012

On my first trip to Indy, I paid attention but I feel as if I didn’t get as much out of it as I would have liked because
I was super nervous. This trip, I grew so much as a person and I’ve noticed a change in myself with even just half
a day back at school. I feel more a part of the P.O.S.S.E Positive, Open, Sincere, Spirited, and non-Exclusive. Before
this trip, I was like as far from the P.O.S.S.E as possible. I am able to make more places feel like home and I am ten
times more comfortable around new people as I ever was. On this trip, I have gotten the chance to know everyone
participating on a more personal level and I feel a part of a family even more than before. I have come to know
everyone and love everyone. I realize now how important it is to be a P.O.S.S.E member to be a leader.

National Convention 2012
Posted By: Chase Partin   10/30/2012

This was my second trip to Indy and I can proudly say that it just keeps getting better and better.
I wasn’t exactly as ‘out and about’ as I was last year, mostly due to the fact that I was a delegate
and I had my national competition, the Agriscience Fair. I placed fifth, and obtained a gold medal.
However, I feel as if I have won because all the people I have befriended on the way. With the National
FFA Convention & Expo, over 55,000 FFA members crowded that city of Indianapolis, Indiana, and I felt
as if I had been their best friends since birth. All FFA members have this connection, and it’s important
to GROW upon that aspect.

National Convention 2012
Posted By: Jonathan Lykins   10/30/2012
This year was the fourth and last time as a David Crockett FFA member that I could have the privilege of attending
the 85 National FFA Convention. This year was different than all the other conventions I have attended because
I was a national competitor in the Nursery and Landscaping Competition.  This was a great experience with my team
and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Attending the first session was shocking as usual our theme this
year is Grow. I learned that as our organization grows it creates a positive impact on our school, community, region,
state, and even our great nation. As I think about the theme I know that the David Crockett FFA Chapter has grown as
not just a group of friends, but a family and it is an honor to be a member of the family of the National FFA Organization.
National Convention 2012
Posted By: Bryce Bateman   10/30/2012

This year I traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, to attend the National FFA Convention and participate
in the National Nursery and Landscape Contest. Due to my teams national competition I was not able
to participate in that many convention activities. I was able to go to the career show and the first
session. During the first session we listened to Olympian Scott Hamilton talk about how he overcame
obstacles in his life to become a gold medal figure skater. The most important part of convention to
me was watching the first time attendee’s reactions. I loved the last evening listening to each one of
them talk about what they learned and how they grew as a person. I probably learned the most from
preparing for my national contest, through all the team activity practice and working on my verbal
assistance skills. I got to put all the preparation of the past seven months to work at National Convention.

What the FFA has done for me.
Posted By: Raini Rowenhorst   8/27/2012
Before I entered high school, I was afraid to talk to anyone other then the few close friends I had. My parents
encouraged me to get involved and try something new in high school, but for some reason that simply didn't
appeal to me. I came in on my first day of school with my mind set on not talking to many people and getting
all my work done, then leaving. Well, fate had something else in mind that day, when I was accidentally placed
in an agriculture class. I started hearing about this club called FFA and all the exciting opportunities it can offer.
It peaked my interest, but I still wasn't ready to get involved. Then finally one day, my teacher began telling us
about the scholarship opportunities that the FFA had to offer, so I decided to join and see if I could withstand
it long enough to get some money for college. I never would have guessed how much I absolutely LOVED it!!
I learned how to publicly speak by participating in the Ceremony CDE and the Creed Speaking CDE as a
freshman, (CDE basically means contest) which not only helped me to come out of my shell, but has given me
many other opportunities. An example of this is that I had the opportunity to represent Washington County at
the Student Congress on Policies in Education all because of the skills I gained through FFA!!! I have also made
friendships that will last a lifetime! The students and advisors in FFA really do care about each other which
creates an unbreakable bond and an unstoppable team!!
What the FFA has done for me.
Posted By: Chase Partin   8/24/2012
What the FFA has done for me... WAY to much to type out, but I'll do my best as I always do, haha.
You see right there, that's a quality that the FFA has given me, the fact that I always want to do my
best. Without the FFA, I would have absolutely no motivation whatsoever. I strive to do everything
that I can to the fullest potential that I have, and it's only because of the FFA. At the beginning of high
school, I stepped through those, what seemed to be, HUGE doors, not knowing what to expect. I
had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I went into my Agriculture for the first time ever. I started
talking to one of the officers in the FFA and the things she promised seemed as if there was too much
to uphold. So many trips, and fantastic experiences... Little did I know, everything would be mine if I
chose curtain number 1! (Lol, to join FFA) So I chose that curtain, and it was the best thing I could have
ever done with my life. I gained the self-confidence EVERYONE needs in life, personal skills like leadership
abilities and AWESOME interviewing skills that I wouldn't have had otherwise! CURTAIN NUMBER
ONE CAN BE YOURS!!!!!!!! *for a VERY small fee of twelve dollars!* :) :) :) 

What the FFA has done for me.
Posted By: Jonathan Lykins   8/20/2012
First I will tell you my future plans before joining the FFA. What I was planning on doing coming
into high school was to leave and never come back. Dropping out seemed like the only option at
the time because I lacked a sense of caring for myself. Now that I have been a part of the
National FFA Organization for almost four years, three of those serving as a Chapter Officer,
and two years serving as an East Tennessee Regional Officer the thought of dropping out doesn't
slip past my mind. I now know the only way to succeed in my life is take the initiative to get
active in my community and school to better not only myself, but the others around me. As a
young leader of  tomorrow I want everyone to know that things will fall into place only if you take
the initiative to drop them there. By joining the FFA you can make a difference to others lives and
your own, I never know what I would have done without the National FFA Organization. 
What the FFA has done for me
Posted By: Bryce Bateman   8/20/2012
The FFA has been a huge part of my life the past four years. I have been on countless field trips
and met lots of new people. In the chapter I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. The
FFA has done much more for me than I had expected when I first joined, " I mean a twelve dollar
membership fee it can't do all the stuff these guys are promising." Boy, was I wrong. I have been
to a national contest and I am going to another one in nine weeks, I have been to the University
of Tennessee and sat in on actual college classes, and I have been to leadership workshops held
by the FFA National Officer Team teaching us how to be young leaders. Now you may be
thinking to yourself, "Those field trips cost money I can't afford to do all that," but you can, we
hold fundraisers and put on other programs to raise money for these field trips to make them
extremely affordable. This is just a very minute glimpse of what the FFA has done for me and
what it can do for you if you join.  


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