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The Forestry CDE is a wonderful contest all about the forestry industry. The contest consists of tree identification, forestry equipment identification, disorders identification, compass reading and pacing, topographic mapping, tree measurement, chainsaw practicum, and general forestry knowledge. If you enjoy the great outdoors or might be interested in a forestry career, then this is the contest for you.

The Forestry CDE has 3 levels: district, state, and national. There is no qualification for the district or state level. The state winning team competes in the national CDE.
The District CDE is held in October. State CDE is held in late May/early June.

Recent David Crockett FFA Forestry CDE participation:
2015 - 1st place, District. 1st place, State. 6th place, National. Read about the team below!
     Team members: Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian (2nd High Individual), Chloe Ford (6th High              Ind), Kylee Phalen (3rd High Ind).
2014 - 1st place, District. 2nd place, State. Team members: Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian,             Breanna Jones, Zach Young (1st High Individual, State CDE).
2013 - 1st place, District. 1st place, State. 5th place, National. Read about it by clicking here.
          - Team members: Abby Anderson, Chase Partin, Molly Sayre, Cole Tipton.

2012 - 1st place, District. 4th place, State. Team members: Abby Anderson, Kayla Jones, 
            Jonathan Lykins, Bethany McCurry, Chase Partin.
2011 -
1st place, District. 1st place, State. 11th place, National. Read about it by clicking here.
          - Team members: Bryce Bateman, Kareena Jones, Brittany Sparks, Rebekah Wright.

Also, 2008 - 1st place, State. 6th place, National. 
          - Team members Victoria Fellers, Carrie Lykins, Erica Myers, Megan Richardson.

6th in the Nation!!!

   Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Chloe Ford, and Kylee Phalen
of the David Crockett FFA Chapter represented Tennessee in the 
2015 National Forestry CDE, placing 6th in the National Contest, 
winning a Gold Emblem Award.

39 states competed in the CDE (Career Development Event). Only 13 of these teams were named Gold Emblem Award winners in the CDE, given to those teams who are the best competitors. Of the 24 National FFA CDE's held this year, only 5 Tennessee teams won Gold Emblem Awards.

The team qualified for the national contest by winning their state contest in June; only state-winning Forestry CDE teams are allowed to compete and have the privilege to represent their states. Florida placed 1st, Minnesota was 2nd, Virginia was 3rd, Illinois was 4th, and Washington was 5th. The contest was held during 2 days at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY.

The National Forestry CDE is a competitive event that tests students' skills and knowledge in the area of forest management. Event components include a General Knowledge Exam, Tree Identification, Timber Cruising, Disorders Identification, a Chainsaw Practicum, Topographic Mapping, a Compass and Pacing Practicum, and a Forestry Issues Interview. A Team Activity was also a main component of the contest, requiring teammates to complete management practices together in a timed activity. The CDE helps FFA members think critically, communicate clearly, and perform effectively in a competitive job market.

Kenzie Bastian placed 7th High Individual, winning $400. Brett Barnett placed 28th High Individual, Chloe Ford placed 31st High Individual, and Kylee Phalen placed 62nd High Individual in an enormously competitive 2-day event. Out of 2850 points, the team finished 171 points from 1st place.

More importantly, the team gained incredible leadership skills during months of preparation and at the contest. Their study habits alone has prepared them for college success. They truly stood out among other states.
 Their experience will be remembered a lifetime.

 David Crockett FFA members Kenzie, Chloe, Brett, and Kylee are the

2015 State FFA Forestry Champions! 

Kenzie Bastian, Chloe Ford, Brett Barnett, and Kylee Phalen win the State FFA Forestry CDE, defeating 15 other teams. The contest, held at Camp Clements in Middle Tennessee, is a 2-day state contest comprised of 8 individual events and 2 team events, which include: general knowledge exam, mapping interpretation, compass/pacing practicum, tree identification, equipment identification, disorders identification, chainsaw safety, and tree measurement. The contest is hosted by state Foresters.

Like all other State FFA contests, the contest is extremely competitive; if anyone wins a state contest, then they have definitely earned it. With over 13,000 FFA members in Tennessee, there are plenty of people who go ‘all out’ to win.

Out of 3100 total points, the David Crockett FFA team scored 2105 points, winning by 60 points. Individual scoring was:

            - Kenzie Bastian – Senior – 2nd high individual – 527 points (73%)

            - Kylee Phalen – Sophomore – 3rd high individual – 511 points

            - Chloe Ford – Junior – 6th high individual – 506 points

            - Brett Barnett – Junior – 22nd high individual – 435 points

The team becomes the 4th State FFA Forestry Championship Team from David Crockett (2008, 2011, 2013). David Crockett FFA has had a state championship team for 5 years in a row (Nursery/Landscape CDE in 2012, 2014).

Now comes the reward – the opportunity to compete against 49 other states in the National FFA Forestry CDE during the National FFA Convention in Louisville in October. They will spend 2 days with the state-winning forestry teams from Alaska to Florida. Before then, they will spend countless hours preparing.

 David Crockett FFA is Runner-up in the State Forestry CDE!
Team members are Brett Barnett, Kenzie Bastian, Bre Jones, and Zach Young. Placing 2nd in an FFA State contest is a proud achievement. The highly competitive contest requires lots of study and practice. 

The long 2-day contest is comprised of 8 individual events (General Knowledge Exam, Tree Identification, Equipment Identification, Disorders Identification, Compass and Pacing Practicum, Mapping Interpretation, Chainsaw Identification, and Tree Measurement) and 2 team events (General Knowledge Activity and Tree ID/Measurement Activity).

These 4 teammates not only learned the subject matter, but also teamwork, work ethic, and study skills. An incredible amount of hard work and energy went into this contest from the members. They practiced and studied in preparation for the event. They also had lots of fun preparing for and traveling to the contest.

Also a special congratulations goes to Zach Young, who placed 1st High Individual in the contest.

"Hey, I'm Bryce Bateman, and I have participated in the Forestry CDE the past three years. In 2011, the forestry team in which I was on won the state contest and were fortunate enough to participate in the contest at the national level. This experience has made a tremendous impact on my life - through preparing me in a career in forestry, preparing me for college, and getting me ready for the challenges of life. The contest is very enjoyable and you will have a wonderful time learning about your teammates and how to work together and encourage one another to accomplish a goal." 


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